It’s that time of year again, some mornings you wake up and the car is completely frozen. To ensure that the engine of your car does not freeze you use anti-freeze in with water to stop the water from freezing. There are also forms of it that can be used to help de-freeze cars which can come in spray forms. Anti-freeze can also be found in the grit that is laid down on the roads to prevent the roads from becoming icy. Anti-freeze is poisonous to animals and dogs just love the smell and taste of it, if it is left laying about any dog or cat if given the chance will have a taste. It is very important that your dog is kept safe with...

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We always encourage new puppies to visit us as soon as they arrive home. We obviously do not let them on the floor or mix with other dogs until their vaccinations have been completed. On these initial first visits puppies have cuddles from all of us, treats and maybe have their first nail trim. We ask owners to continue to bringing them in so they get to know us and get used to the surroundings and noise that may be going on when they visit, some of these noises will come from the dryers and clippers used to groom them. When you visit we can also give advice on coat care, brushing and handling. Depending on the breed of the dog you...

Tags: Grooming a puppy; When should i get my puppy groomed; professional dog grooming; when to groom a puppy; puppy grooming surrey:

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Dogs and Fireworks

30th Oct 2017

Fireworks remedies

BANG BANG BANG! Fireworks even make us humans jump, so for dogs that have hearing at least four times greater than ours it must be so frightening for them. If you do have a dog that is scared of fireworks or a new puppy that has not heard these loud bangs before there are lots of things you can do to help a scared dog and prepare your puppy. Are fireworks available all year round: Yes fireworks are on sale all year round but the worst time of year for fireworks is obviously around November 5th Guy Fawkes Night. Fireworks are also popular to celebrate the New Year and other holidays. People also use fireworks to celebrate birthdays,...

Tags: Dogs and Fireworks | Dogs and Anxiety | Fireworks and Dog Anxiety | Dog Fear of fireworks | Dogs and Fireworks safety

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Some breeds of dog have hair growing inside their ear canals. This hair needs to be removed, the removal of this hair should be painless if done correctly. Professional dog groomers will always offer this removal as part of the grooming service. At Bonnie Dogs most of the dogs we groom while having their hair plucked from their ears enjoy the feeling and relief of the hair removed. Groomers use forceps to remove the hair, gripping as much as possible and then pulling firmly and quickly to not cause the dog pain. As an owner you can remove the hair but you must be confident so always get a dog groomer or vet to show you first on how...

Tags: Why do my dogs ears need plucking and does it hurt?; Do my dogs ears need plucking; Ear plucking in dogs; Ear hair removal in dogs; How to pluck a dogs ears?;

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It is very important your dog wears a dog identification tag, there are many reasons such as for your dogs safety and by law. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 mandates that all dogs must wear a tag on either a collar or harness showing the owners name and address. It is also strongly advised that on the tag you have a contact number too, preferably a mobile number as if your dog is missing you will be out looking for your dog. Here is an example of what to have on a tag: -Surname -First Line of Address -Postcode -Contact Number We had an incident outside our shop once, two dogs were loose running down the road and unfortunately one...

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Dogs and Halloween Safety

Halloween can be good fun for you and your dog as long as you are careful and know what dangers there can be. If your dog enjoys being dressed up they can celebrate with you. There are some great Halloween dog costumes and outfits available so they can join in the festivities too. There are also some great dog toys on the market which are Halloween themed which make perfect dog safe decorations for your home. So that your dog does not feel left out when the children are eating their sweets from trick or treating you can also buy Halloween themed dog biscuits and treats. What Dangers are there to dogs on Halloween? Food and Treats...

Tags: Dogs and Halloween | What dangers are there to dogs on Halloween | Halloween dog toys | Halloween dog treats | Hazards to dogs on Halloween

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Harvest Mites are active during the summer months. They are found in grass, woodlands and other foliage and hop on to bite any animal or human that passes. In the UK we have the mite Trombicula autumnalis during July – September and most dogs are affected by them late on in the summer months. Harvest Mites can also be known as: -Harvest bugs -Harvesters -Chiggers -Bracken bugs -Berry bugs -Red Bugs Harvest Mites are found all around the world and different countries have different species that live at different times of the year and all year round in warmer climates. Despite this their life cycle, treatment and the way they affect...

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Dogs Die in Hot Cars?

22nd Jun 2017

Just imagine sitting with a fur coat on in the boot of a car parked in the sun with the windows slightly open but you can not get to them for any air. Very quickly you would feel like you were suffocating so why would anyone let their dog suffer like this. So many people still leave their dogs in cars on warm sunny days while they do their shopping, take their kids out for the day or have lunch. People think that parking in the shade will keep the car cooler which it does to a certain point but as the sun moves the shade does too. Even if the weather is warm and overcast your car will heat up in minutes. On a 78-degree day, the...

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Yes having your dog groomed will cool them down and our phone never stops ringing when the sun finally comes out. So always try to plan ahead and book your dog into the groomers at the beginning of the summer. Getting your dog professionally groomed will help your dog be cool and comfortable for a number of reasons. Dogs sweat through their paws if you check on the underside of your dogs feet and feel between the pads for fur and mats, if your dog has hairy feet then take them along to your dog groomer and get this fur removed. Your dog will instantly feel cooler by clearing the fur from between their pads and this will allow your...

Tags: Dog Grooming; Will having my dog professionally groomed help cool them down?; keeping your dog cool by grooming; summer dog grooming; de-shedding my dog in the summer; how to keep my dog cool; removing fur to keep dog cool

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We are unsure of the amount of dog grooming parlours that do use cage dryers/dryer cabins for dogs but we think most groomers probably do invest in this type of equipment. They believe that it will speed up the drying process and free up the groomer to start/finish another dog or take a break. Dryer cabins are very expensive and we know some groomers can not afford this or will not pay for the proper equipment and will create their own make shift dryer. They will use a dog crate, something to cover all sides like tarpaulin then blow a high velocity dryer into the crate. This is extremely dangerous and will cause the dog to suffer as...

Tags: Do all dog groomers use cage dryers?; Cage dryers for dogs; are cage dryers safe; pros and cons of using a cage dryer; are cage dryers effective; does my dog groomer use cage dryers; should my dog groomer use cage dryers

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A serious hazard and major welfare issue during the summer months although more associated with rabbits and farm animals, fly strike can affect your dog too and unfortunately it is a killer. Is my dog at risk? Dogs at risk: -Dogs with wounds -Dogs that suffer with incontinence with their bladder or bowels. -Dogs with matted coats -Dogs with skin conditions such as eczema -Dogs with Anal gland infections -Dogs with thick coats -Dogs that live outside -Elderly and Overweight dogs What is Fly strike? Fly strike also known as blow fly and scientifically known as Myiasis is when flies are attracted to warm and smelly places to lay their...

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Summer has arrived at last, but sadly dogs can suffer in the heat especially young puppies, older and over weight dogs. All dogs are at risk of suffering from dehydration and heatstroke and unfortunately some dogs die in hot weather. Here are some do’s and dont’s to help your dog enjoy the warmer weather. Remember the golden rule if you are hot then your dog is even hotter as they only sweat through their mouths and paws. -As mentioned dogs sweat through their paws so make sure your dogs paws are free from fur. Just check on the underside of their pads for fur and mats, if your dog has hairy feet then take them along to your dog...

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There are many different types of parasites that affect dogs but one of the most common is Fleas. The sound of fleas will most likely make your skin crawl, for dogs it can do just the same making them very uncomfortable. What are fleas? Flea’s are blood sucking parasites that will jump onto your dog if they are walked in an area infested by them, this is not known until it is too late and your dog already has them. They seek warmth to lay their eggs and multiply and a dogs fur is the perfect home for them. If you have cats your dog is more likely to catch fleas as cats will roam a large area of space and pick up fleas and bring...

Tags: Does my dog have fleas?; Signs my dog has fleas; What are fleas?; The flea life cycle; Fleas on dogs;

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We offer a Do It Yourself Dog Washing Service here at Bonnie Dogs please watch the following video for more information. Do-It-Yourself Dog Bath Don’t need a full grooming session, but don’t want to bathe your dog at home? Come along and use our equipment! Our DIY Dog Bath is ideal for in-between grooming appointments, perfect after muddy walks and invaluable after your dog has rolled in…! We always have a bottle of the fantastic Fox Poo Shampoo at the ready! Your dog no longer needs to be banished outside until they’re dry, or to endure a cold hose-down in the garden. And there are benefits for you too; no more lifting...

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dog rolling in fox poo

Why do dogs roll in poo? Why does my dog roll in Fox Poo? These are questions we always ask ourselves! It is believed that dogs roll in poo due to doggy instinct, when dogs were wild they would roll in the poo to camoflauge the smell and blend in with their surroundings making it easier for them to sneak up on prey, our domesticated dogs still have this behaviour in their genes. Does your dog roll in poo when you go out for walks and are you always trying to remove the poo and smell from your dogs coat? Don’t panic, we have found a shampoo that works, Animology Fox Poo Shampoo. Please watch the video for more information....

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Many people believe that professional grooming for a Labrador is not necessary as they have a “short” coat and they do not shed. However, this is incorrect and getting a Lab professionaly groomed has many benefits, although Labrador coats appear short they can have an extremely thick undercoat that does shed and needs to be removed. Getting a Labrador professionaly groomed will not only give you less work with brushing but will also help reduce the amount of hair found around your home and on your clothing. Many people are suprised by the amount of hair that comes out of a Lab coat after professional grooming. Some more bonuses...

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How to cut dog nails

It is very important to get your dogs nails cut reqularly, if left un-cut many health problems can occur and can easily be avoided by checking your dogs nails reqularly and noticing when they have grown too long. Long nails can make it very uncomfortable for your dog to walk, imagine if you left your own toe nails to grow and when you wear socks or shoes it is very painful, we need to cut our nails as they continiuosly grow it is the same case for dogs. If you notice your dogs nails start to curl round and are not getting worn down as much when they walk, or your dog starts limping it is very important to check your dogs nails as...

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How to Brush a Dog

19th Apr 2017

How to brush a dog

Brushing your dog is one of the most important jobs to perform regularly on your dog. Every inch of your dog needs to be brushed. Whether you like them kept long or shaved down, keeping their coat knot-free is vital to their health. All dog’s skin needs to breathe, this allows dead skin to fall off naturally, just like humans. It allows the natural oils to be released and onto their coat keeping them looking and feeling shiny and clean. These oils both protect and act as a barrier to protect their skin. If your dog’s coat gets matted, it bunches together and starts to pull on the skin. This can create sores under the coat on the...

Tags: How to Brush a dog | brushing a dog | How do I brush my dog | dog grooming | dog healthcare | dog matts | does my dog need grooming | does my dog need clipping | does my dog have matts

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How do I remove a Tick from a dog? What are Ticks? These are all questions you may ask yourself this tick season. Ticks are parasites and at this time of the year they hide in the long grass waiting for a warm blooded animal to walk through ready to suck the blood. They will only naturally drop off your dog when they have completed a meal ready to find a new host. If your dog is treated for ticks with a treatment, your dog will still get a tick, only when the tick has sucked enough blood will it die but it will still be attached to your dog so please do remove them. Have you used a tick twister on your dog? Please let us know your...

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Professional Dog Grooming with Bonnie Dogs

You and your canine friend will be given a warm welcome at Bonnie Dogs, where you can shop in a relaxed and (very!) dog-friendly environment. All the latest, state of the art grooming equipment — including a height adjustable bath and hydraulic table — is coupled with our experience and expertise to ensure that your dog gets the best treatment with a very professional finish. -All breeds and cross breeds welcome -Full consultation included in the first session -No holding or drying cages -You can stay with your dog — and have a cuppa All of our human and canine customers are treated to a friendly, personal service. We offer a...

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